POD House Arrives Fully Assembled

podhouse go-green-in-style-1

Powerful Outdoor Brands – a Swiss configuration firm – has turned out with this enchanting “PODhouse” – with a very little impression. They show up completely amassed, you simply open the entryway.

podhouse go-green-in-style-1

pod house go-green-in-style-1

Aren’t they simply the best little lodges? Presently you can purchase that land parcel in the forested areas that you’ve constantly longed for, and put the PODhouse on it. Voila – moment retreat. Initially intended for outdoors in the Swiss Alps, you can have confidence it will hold up to winter and give all year delight. Or on the other hand, you could add one to the lawn, to use as your home office. You realize that it is so difficult to work when you’re in a similar spot as you live — this will give you control and schedule. What’s more, it’s up to you how huge you need it (a few beds) and how provincial – they can come furnished with sun-powered rooftop boards for power and warmth and expansion modules are accessible. In what capacity will you utilize yours?


pod house-has-tiny-footprint-go-green-in-style

The PODhouse is little on impression however huge on comfort.

Worked in view of Swiss Alps winters, they can withstand unforgiving conditions.

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